Unlimited Membership Terms and Conditions


Selected monthly Plan allows for an unlimited number of washes of the selected wash Plan for the enrolled vehicle, weather permitting, during normal business hours.

Activation period is monthly. Automatic monthly renewal Plans will be automatically charged to member’s credit/debit card on the same date of the month as Plan activation ( e.g. Plan is activated on
January 1st, card is charged every 1st day of the month).

By entering an Unlimited Plan, the member authorizes Scrub-a-Dub (“SCRUB”) to charge the credit/debit card on file on the renewal day of each month. They authorize the financial institution to accept and to debit entries indicated by Scrub to their account. In the event that SCRUB erroneously debits/credits funds to the account, the member authorizes SCRUB to debit/credit the account for an amount not to exceed the original amount of the erroneous debit/credit. This authorization is to remain in effect until SCRUB has received notification of termination in such a manner as to afford SCRUB and the financial institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

During inclement weather conditions, i.e. rain, snow, hail, etc., SCRUB reserves the right to close locations at their discretion. 

In the event that SCRUB is not able to charge a member’s credit/debit card due to an expired card or change of information, SCRUB will attempt to charge the customer’s account up to eight consecutive days. During this time period the customer’s membership will be inactive until/unless payment is successfully collected. If SCRUB is unable to collect payment after eight consecutive attempts, the customer’s membership will become permanently inactive and the customer will have to re-enroll if they wish to remain in the Unlimited Car Wash Club.

Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

Member must place membership barcode security sticker or RFID security tag on registered vehicle’s inside front lower driver’s side windshield with the number facing out.

Membership security tag should not be placed in tinted areas of windshield.

Membership security tag must be permanently affixed to registered vehicle. Membership security tag cannot be taped, glued or simply kept with vehicle.

Membership security tag cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

If the membership security tag is tampered with or the Unlimited Plan is used in anyway inconsistent with the terms and conditions, membership will be immediately terminated without refund.

Member can notify SCRUB if registered vehicle’s security tag needs to be replaced, (i.e. the sale of the vehicle or windshield replacement).  Membership number will be deactivated and a new number will be issued. If member already knows their original license plate or barcode number with which they enrolled in Plan, member may proceed directly to their nearest SCRUB location. If they do not have this information, they are advised to contact Customer Care at 845-320-2877 or info@scrub-a-dubcarwash.com.

To change your Unlimited Plan, customer may contact Customer Care at 845-320-2877 or info@scrub-a-dubcarwash.com.

Change is effective at the beginning of the member’s next billing cycle. Please allow at least 10 business days before your billing date to make any changes. 

To upgrade your wash type, customer pays the difference between the Unlimited Plan wash type and the upgrade requested. 

There are no full or partial month(s) refunds regardless of usage. 

Member may cancel by notifying SCRUB in writing at 660 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY 12401. Member must provide security sticker number at time of notification. Please allow at least 10 business days before your billing date to effect cancellation. Member may continue to use Unlimited Plan until the last day of the current billing cycle. No full or partial refunds are available regardless of how often the membership was utilized. Cancellation is complete when member has received an email notification from SCRUB. 

Plan reactivation is available simply by visiting participating SCRUB locations, or by calling Customer Care at 845-320-2877 or info@scrub-a-dubcarwash.com

Restrictions apply to commercial vehicles, dealerships, taxi cabs, livery vehicles, funeral homes, fleets and police vehicles. 

Vehicles must conform to SCRUB dimension standards. Please see location to confirm that vehicle meets standards. 

Plan is not valid at SCRUB Self Service or Touch Free wash locations at this time. 

Terms, Conditions and Plan pricing are subject to change without notice. 

SCRUB employees are not eligible to participate in Unlimited Plan. 

SCRUB maintains the right to cancel or amend membership plans at their discretion for any reason without notice. 

For questions or comments, call 845-320-2877, visit a participating Scrub-a-Dub location, or info@scrub-a-dubcarwash.com.